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18ml Activator


When we treat the groin or armpit, the skin is thicker than large body areas, so the Intimcare serum's active ingredient concentration is higher.


Treats:  Bikini … Brazilian … Underarms … Abdomen.


Epilfree's Epilfree’s newly improved formula is a part of a comprehensive treatment which inhibits and slows down regrowth of body hair. It is based on a combination of natural & synthetic ingredients and consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs. The preparation includes ingredients which nourish and soften the skin, as well as help the serum to enter the hair follicle.

Intimicare is formulated especially for the intimate areas of the body. These areas are a different type of skin than other parts of the body and require Part B to have a little higher concentration of the serum's active ingredients. The Intimcare permanently reduces unwanted hair without laser. The ingredients soften thick, coarse hair and reduce ingrown hairs. Intimcare works on all hair colors including, blonde, red and gray hair. It is also effective on all skin colors with no chance of hyperpigmentation and no contraindications.

What a great gift to your waxing clients, as well as patients who aren't candidates for laser! Somewhere between 6 & 12 treatments their hair will be permanently reduced to the point of freedom from unwanted hair!


Each kit includes:


  • Activator A (15ml)


Average # of Treatments per Activator = 40 to 50

Epilfree - Intimate Activator

SKU: EF10054467
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